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For this generation of young Australians, and the foreseeable generations to come, mental health difficulties will be the biggest challenge they collectively face. Today:

  • Suicide is the leading cause of death for young people age15 to 24 in Australia
  • 75% of all mental health disorders have their onset before the age of 24
  • 70% of young people in distress do not get the help they need

Together, as a community, we must raise the profile of mental health, reduce the stigma of getting help and ensure that all young people going through a tough time can access the help they need, when and where they need it. The internet is key to this because of the low cost, the anonymity it provides and the scale of who we can reach.

Your support of and our programs may just be the catalyst for someone you know getting help.

Support for vulnerable young people. has the potential to help all young people. Some young people are more vulnerable to mental health challenges than others. Your support helps us keep up with the advances made in technology, helping provide a personalised service (as opposed to a ‘one stop fits all’ approach) that meets the changing needs of young people today.

Your support of helps:

  • Develop fact sheets that help young people recognise when a little problem might be becoming a bigger one, giving tips on what to do if they’re feeling overwhelmed or out of depth.
  • Ensure we are responsive to the changing needs of young people by providing up-to-date and relevant information on mental health issues, everyday life problems and what a young person can do about it (and where to go if they can’t beat it on their own).
  • Research, recommend and develop apps, guides and tools that help improve mental fitness and strengthen ability to bounce back and tackle problems.
  • Run our online support groups – the forums – where young people can connect with other young people who’ve been there befor, chat to experts and share their own tips for health and wellbeing.

Schools and mental health professionals Professionals provides training, resources and support to teachers and professionals that helps them better understand young people and support their mental health. Your support provides:

  • Teaching resources mapped to the National School curriculum which aim to build resilience and give young people the skills to look after their own mental health
  • Online training for professionals that work with young people, ensuring that they know how to incorporate services like in their practices

Smarter mental health provision

Not everyone is convinced that an online mental health service can make a difference to someone’s mental health. Your support allows us to invest in research and evaluation which will help us demonstrate the benefits of and its role in the early intervention and prevention of mental health issues.

Our research with young people, on technology and wellbeing will ensure more young people get help from services that work. And by sharing our knowledge, collaborating with others and advocating for better policies that promote positive mental health for young people, we can have an impact on mental health on a global scale.

Getting the message to young people

One in four young people are affected by a mental health issue. Left untreated, the chances are they will only get worse as they get older. We want to change these numbers and educating people about the types of mental health issues and the triggers to look out for is key.

Your support allows us to run campaigns and activities that use specific language, styles and appear in places that we know young people are. Your support allows us to target specific groups of vulnerable young people like young men (who are reluctant to talk about what’s going on), young people in rural and regional areas (who have limited access to services and face additional challenges because of their location) and young people questioning their sexuality (who are worried about being excluded and are not sure where to turn while they figure things out).

Youth participation programs

Since 1998, when first launched we’ve been partnering with young people. We know that we deliver a better service when young people are involved. Your support helps ensure that all of our programs, our messages and the look and feel of our service remain relevant to the changing needs of young people. What’s more, we know that our youth participation programs are beneficial to the participants who gain an increased sense of belonging, new skills and the confidence to make changes in their world.

Your support allows us to offer youth involvement opportunities, run workshops and train young people so that they have the skills and support to participate in:

  • Local leaders/Youth Ambassador program –
  • Film crew – to make video content for
  • Editorial board – helping develop and refine content that goes up on site
  • Mod squad – moderators play a major role in keeping our online forums safe


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