WATCH: Man sets new world record for longest time in plank position

Czech athlete Josef Salek holds plan plank position for the longest time to set a new world record on May 20. —Guinness World Records  

A Czech athlete, Josef Salek aka Joska, established a new world record for the longest time in an abdominal plank position (male) with a staggering 9.38 hours and 47 seconds.

The record was previously held by Daniel Scali — an Australian national — with a time of 9:30 hours and 1 second.

The abdominal plank is one of the most punishing exercises going, with many people struggling to maintain the form for just a few minutes.

Joska, a therapist, teacher and personal development coach, took on the challenge at the AVATAR festival at the Park Hotel in Pilsen, Czech Republic, on May 20, according to

Speaking on the occasion, Joska said he was living what he described as a life of excess and bad health until a life-changing event made him rethink everything and go on to become a motivational coach.

“Five years ago, I was 15 kilos (33 lb) overweight, I used to be fond of alcohol and cigarettes,” he added.

The athlete said that a certain life-changing moment brought him to this transformation, adding, “So the thing I want to give to the world is that no matter your age, you can just make changes to feel happier, more vital, and healthier.”

“It is, in fact, the very message I wanted to spread by breaking the record.”

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